doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser Review 2023 The Best doTERRA Diffuser

Are you looking to enjoy essential oils but think learning to use them will be a challenge? There are many good reasons to use essential oils but how can it be done without a lot of fuss and guesswork? The doTerra Aroma Lite Diffuser will have you enjoying the benefits of doTERRA essential oils instantly.

With this doTERRA diffuser, you can start enjoying the benefits immediately. These range from fragrant scents that permeate and transform any room, to the relaxing aromas that will lift your mood.

The importance of having a good essential oil diffuser goes beyond how it looks. You need to make sure it will meet your needs for years to come. Choosing a quality diffuser is important and without a doubt, the doTERRA Aroma Lite diffuser is the best-selling and most talked about differ you can buy.

Do not fall victim to cheap alternatives that clog or use up your oils too quickly. These cheaper models do not cover large areas effectively and lack time and spray settings. They often spill easily creating a messy nightmare.

Take a look at the key features and benefits of the doTERRA Aroma Lite diffuser and have the confidence to purchase one today.

How does the doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser work?

The doTERRA Aroma Lite diffuser uses high-frequency oscillations to break down the oils in the unit. A mixture of water and oils placed in the reservoir is all you have to do. The entire process breaks down the oils that are then released as a scented mist that pushes out into the air for up to 8 hours. Adjusting the mist volumes up pushes higher concentration of aromas into your air faster.

It works quietly without making much noise and delivers a uniform ultrafine fragrant mist that has real time atomization. With coverage of up to 600 sq. feet is impressive and makes this unit a great value.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Portable

The doTerra Aroma Lite Diffuser is by far one of the best-looking diffusers on the marketplace with its sleek snug wall design. The power cord attaches to the bottom of the unit and plugs into a standard outlet. The included nightlight is an added bonus that provides functionality beyond just being an aroma diffuser. This lightweight sleek no spill design is perfect to pack and travel with.

The doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser Humidifies and Cleans the Air

This aroma diffuser purifies the air you breathe making it free from bacteria and viruses. It also adds humidity to the air. The moisture created by the diffuser can help heal dry skin, and lessen allergy symptoms or sinusitis. It’s a lifesaver for those in a dry climate, or for those who have medical conditions that require the use of a humidifier. The ozone created in the diffusing process helps you provide healthier air that benefits everyone.

The Reservoir

The reservoir holds 8 ounces of water to which you add only 4 to 5 drops of doTERRA essential oils into. How simple is that? This certainly allows you to manage the costs of essential oils because you use so little product. The sealing reservoir erases the fear of a mess often associated with other aromatherapy diffusers.

Timer Options

You can choose from two time settings of 4 hours or 8 hours. However, there is an option for intermittent operation of 8 hours by selecting it to run 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. This feature is favorite of many customers.

Spray Output

Four levels are available for spray volumes giving you flexibility and control over the concentration of scented mist levels in the air. Choose the intensity of your scents by adjusting this simple knob setting. The spray covers a large area, up to 600-square feet. You won’t have to purchase multiple diffusers for one room to get proper coverage.

Nightlight features

The soft green nightlight has 3 settings of low, high, and off. It will stay on for up to 8 hours and automatically shuts off for your convenience. If the water were to ever run low, it will automatically shut off the diffuser. The night light will remain on until the timer has completed.

The doTERRA Aroma Diffuser pros and cons:


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Coverage of up to 600 sq. feet
  • Lightweight and has a sealing reservoir for easy portability
  • Useful nightlight that can work in narrow hallways because of its slim, compact design
  • Settings give you the ability to spray a little or a lot, and the time settings provide up to 8 hours of continuous use with a bonus intermittent feature


  • While the diffuser is slim and lightweight the size height and width is 8 x 8 inches
  • The diffuser can get clogged if not cleaned occasionally
  • Because this is a popular item it sells out fast but restocking usually happens quickly

Wrapping Up…

You can’t go wrong with the doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser and it’s owners love it!

Whether you purchase this for yourself or give it as a gift the quality and design make it a smart choice. There is no guesswork or mess with this aroma diffuser and you will have just the right amount of fragrant mist for the right time, regardless if your needs change from day to day.

The nightlight illuminates dark hallways, rooms, and areas. It is quiet operations are discreet and most people do not realize it is even running.

Using essential oils has never been easier and doTERRA has wonderful essential oil blends to enhance the quality of your air. We have a few of our favorites to try in your new diffuser below. Do include these unique oils blends with your purchase so you can jump right into making your air better, not just with wonderful scents, but by creating better air quality too.

Try These doTERRA essential oil blends in your new doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser!

doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil Protective Blend - 15 ml
doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil Protective Blend - 15 ml
Formulated to support healthy immune function; Protects against environmental threats; Safe for use on countertops, as a non-toxic cleaner, or to purify the air though diffusion

doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend is one of the most popular blends and supports healthy immune functions. It helps purify the air and many describe feeling energized and uplifted. Scents of Wild Orange Peel, Clove, Cinnamon, and Eucalyptus warm your senses.

doTERRA Serenity Essential Oil Restful Blend - 15 ml
doTERRA Serenity Essential Oil Restful Blend - 15 ml
Promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment; Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions

The doTERRA Essential Oil Serenity Restful Blend promotes relaxation, restful sleeping environment, eases feelings of tension, and calms emotions. Aromas of lavender, Chamomile, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean calm yet renews with this succulent fragrance.

Ignite the feeling of inspiration, excitement and joy with the doTERRA Authorized Passion Essential Oil Blend. Many use this blend at work to bring clarity and spark creativity. Smells of Ginger, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom, Clove, Jasmine and Rare Damiana leaf are amazingly balanced here.

You might also consider one of the best selling doTERRA Essential Oils Kits for a wide variety of aroma oils and blends at your fingertips.

Let us know which are your favorite essential oil blends in the comments.

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