What is the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Under $50? Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Under $50
Best Essential Oil Diffuser Under $50

Before we start here is a look at our choice for the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Under $50:

VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential oils are some of the most popular products for aromatherapy. A crucial part of using essential oils is buying a high-quality diffuser in order to diffuse the oils into the air of your home or office.

Many different oil diffusers are available on the market, but they aren’t all necessarily of the highest quality. In fact, a poor quality diffuser can significantly reduce the healing properties of essential oils.

To make things easy for you, we’ve researched five different models of essential oil diffusers that are all under $50. We’ve selected them for their reliability, value, ease of use, and overall efficiency. Want to know more?  Keep reading to find out what we consider to be the best essential oil diffusers on the market today.

Why Buy An Essential Oil Diffuser?

Essential oils are therapeutic liquids that are distilled from a variety of plants. They are typically applied directly to the skin or diffused into the air. The oils treat a number of different medical conditions, including arthritis, nervousness, insomnia, nausea, and general malaise.

Many people use essential oil diffusers because they produce a pleasant scent that heals the body and elevates the spirit. In addition, essential oil diffusers offer a few key advantages:

  • They are easier to use than applying oils to the skin
  • For freshening a room’s scent, they are safer than candles
  • Diffusers can use a number of different oils and scents

You may be wondering what our favorite essential oil diffusers are. In our research, we found that we particularly enjoyed diffusers from:

Keep reading to find out what we liked best about the diffusers from these companies.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Urpower Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

The Urpower essential oil diffuser is one of the most stylish diffusers we saw during our research process:

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode Waterless Auto Shut-Off and 7 Color LED Lights for Home Office, One Size (Pack of 1), White
  • URPOWER New Version: The URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is an upgraded version. The 2nd generation produces more mist than old...
  • Please use 100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity, Ultrasonic aroma essential oil diffuse is safe and does not harm the essential oil of any...

With a sleek, modern design, it’s guaranteed to compliment the decor of any room it’s placed in. The diffuser light color can be changed, letting the user choose how they want their diffuser to look.


  • The Urpower model offers a quality diffuser at a great value.
  • This diffuser also offers a number of great features, which is especially surprising given the low price. Users can have diffuser run for a specific amount of time, including telling the diffuser to start misting at specific times of the day. It will also automatically shut off when it runs out of water.
  • Customers seem to enjoy this diffuser, as it currently boasts a high satisfaction rating.
  • Urpower offers a one-year warranty, which gives you plenty of time to get it fixed if something goes wrong with the diffuser.


  • The beeping sound when pushing any of the buttons might disturb you at night

Some users have reported that the diffuser is difficult to open, which can be frustrating and ultimately defeat the purpose of purchasing it. Others have also reported that the diffuser will use different oils at different rates, making it difficult to plan for how much oil you will need to buy in order to use it.

Rahda Beauty Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser with Colored LED Lights

The Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the most popular diffusers:

No products found.


  • The Radha Beauty diffuser appears very easy to use, with a simple screw top that lets you access the water tank.
  • User reviews also praised the Radha diffuser for its efficiency with oil use and its easy-to-program light settings. Reviews also noted that this model provides a strong, constant source of steam while in use.


  • With a run time of 3-5 hours, the Rahda diffuser won’t provide as much continuous diffusion time as some of the other models we looked at.
  • Some users reported that this diffuser has a leak problem, although the severity of it was different from person to person. All the same, the slight possibility of a leak may be enough to discourage some people from purchasing this diffuser.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

The InnoGear was one of the most interesting diffusers we found during our research:

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, Upgraded Diffusers for Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Colors LED Lights 2 Mist Mode Waterless Auto Off for Home Office Room, White
  • Trusted Brand with Quality Assurance: At InnoGear, we don't just promise quality, we assure it. As a leading company with more than 10 years of...
  • Flexible Misting Modes: 2 mist settings allow you to customize the interval and intensity of your chosen aroma and scent your space on your schedule....


  • This diffuser offers multiple different options for the level and frequency of mist it produces, including modes for intermittent, light misting and a heavy, continuous production of mist. The manufacturer states that this diffuser is highly portable and easy to transport between a bedroom, office, yoga studio, or wherever you may want essential oil mist.


  • This diffuser can only be used with natural oils, as it will suffer corrosion with synthetic oils.
  • Many users reported that the the diffuser stopped working after an initial period of one to two weeks; although the company provided replacement diffusers in all cases

VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

With a stylized wood covering, the VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the most stylish diffusers we found:

No products found.


  • This fashionable diffuser is able to contain up to 300 milliliters of water and oil, which is almost three times as much as more common diffusers. This increased capacity also allows it to operate for a longer time than other models, with the ability to diffuse oil for up to 10 hours on a single tank of water.
  • Users can pick the color and intensity of the light on this diffuser; indeed, this is the only diffuser we found that offers the ability to adjust the intensity of the light.


  • The VicTsing diffuser is slightly more expensive than some of the other diffusers we found on the market. Without a doubt, it costs more than other diffusers because of its greater water capacity and wood grain covering.

Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with LED Lights

No products found.


  • Many users enjoyed the sleek, elegant design of the Viva Naturals diffuser. Its compact size makes it very easy to transport between rooms, and an automatic shutoff feature makes this diffuser ideal for taking on the road.


  • Some users noted that the diffuser felt cheaply constructed and that its plastic covering was flimsy. Other reviewers complained that the water tank is difficult to open without causing a spill.


Let’s take one more look at the 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers we reviewed for you:

We hope this guide was useful in your quest to find the best essential oil diffuser. There are many quality options for oil diffusers on the market, and we’re confident that you can find the right one.

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